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R. M. Clark is an adult and children's author who lives in a small New England town with his wife, two sons, one dog, and one cat. His latest middle grade novel, THE DRAGON'S SONG, is based on the life of Binh Pham, who fled Vietnam and its Communist Regime as one of the "boat people" in this harrowing tale of bravery.
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Dizzy Miss Lizzy, The Tick Tock Man, Running on Empty, The Right Hand Rule,
 and others.
Mr. Clark's other works include:
Shaun Sittinger grew up in San Jose, CA where he developed his passion of reading and writing creative stories. He graduated from Santa Clara University before moving to Richmond, Virginia for five years. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States, especially in the South. These travels, along with his passion for history and learning about different cultures, has helped to fuel his imagination for writing his novels. He currently lives in Southern California and follows his passions for story writing and watercolor painting. He's written three YA mysteries based in the Southern United States. His debut novel is THE PHANTOM OF DIXIE BAYOU.
Born and raised in Massachusetts, Derek felt the call of fantasy from a young age. Proudly declaring that “Reality is boring!” with a fist to the sky, he strives to find new and interesting fantastic worlds. While he has yet to get in a TARDIS and explore the stars, Derek tries to recapture this feeling of awe and wonder in his writing. He hopes that his works will one day inspire others to explore the fantastical. Derek spends his days trying to keep up with Sonic the Hedgehog, his evenings attempting to jump as high as Mario, and his nights by sneaking into the Ninja Turtles’ secret lair in the hopes of getting some special ninja training from Master Splinter. He is the author of the YA fantasy, CARMAE.
Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Anne Powderly attended Catholic school. In 1984, her aunt, Sr. Julie Delucie, prayed over her and she was filled with the Holy Spirit. Throughout the years, she's met many people and reached out to those in need of prayer. In her own words: "It was and is an experience like no other. It’s not a business, more of a vocation. God’s word is not any type of psychic phenomenon, simply His precious word that stands the test of time." Her book, BEYOND THE WORDS, is intended to help others feel the Spirit of God working in their lives.
Robert Welkos
Anne Powderly
Derek Pietras
Shaun Sittinger
R. M. Clark
Robert W. Welkos is a novelist and former award-winning reporter for the Los Angeles Times where he shared in two Pulitzer Prizes for the newspaper's breaking news coverage of the devastating Northridge earthquake and the deadly Rodney King riots. He was also a longtime writer in the Times' Calendar section covering the Hollywood film industry, including the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe Awards as well as attending the Cannes and Sundance film festivals. He was the newspaper's first legal affairs writer covering Hollywood and the law. Prior to joining The Times, he was a correspondent for the Associated Press. His previous novel, THE BLUE POPPY, was published in 2012.
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Dan Raburn has been an English teacher and career counselor, all while honing his writing skills. His first love was the western story, which he began writing at the age of ten, and he published his first story at the age of seventeen. Early success whetted a lifelong passion for storytelling, and Dan now writes genre-bending books that he hopes will make a difference. His deep interest in the sufferings of “natural” man caused by an industrial and global society generate fast-paced stories with literary underpinnings. He lives in Bear Creek, Alabama and divides his free time between an acoustic guitar and a word processor. His published works include
Blood Bounty, Zebra Books and several short stories - Deathtrap,
Blind Luck, and The Price of Bravery in Far West Magazine. His latest suspense is WALKING ON BRIMSTONE.
Dan Raburn
D. W. Raedling began writing as a junior high student in a tiny school for gifted children. The friends made in books were constant since her family moved often and her love of books soon expanded into characters and stories created in her own mind. Success and awards with publications showcasing poetry and short stories by underage writers boosted her confidence, and graduating with a BA in English from Kansas State University helped her hone her craft. Marrying into the military continued the trend of moving and moving again, with writing fiction still being a mainstay, pastime, and comfort. Her interests in genre are wide, with her debut novel, THE REVENGER, the first of a western-fantasy trilogy.
A.A.C. Leandro is a young adult author who lives in California with her husband and four children. She is currently the secretary for High Desert Youth Soccer League. When she’s not coaching or event planning or drafting an article on youth sports, she enjoys all things arty, from creative cooking to painting to building complex and imaginative worlds. She strongly believes “Life is but an empty canvas; it’s up to us to paint a beautiful picture.” Leandro’s inspiration for her debut novel, MOONSTONE: THE LEGEND OF THE BLUE MOON, came in February of 2009, after discovering some pictures of ancient underwater ruins on YouTube, including a large monolithic stepped pyramid off the coast of Okinawa. Thus, the MOONSTONE series was born.
A. C. C. Leandro
D. W. Raedling
Chance Nix
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Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Chance managed to escape the trappings of life by running away to join the United States Marine Corps in time to serve during the battle of Fallujah in 2004. After serving two tours in Iraq and helping during Hurricane Katrina, Chance was discharged with a Purple Heart and Combat Action Ribbon. He currently lives in the great state of Texas with his wife Jennifer, their two sons; Damien and Bastian, and two wonderful dogs. When he is not spending his time with his family or watching UFC, Chance can be found at his keyboard working on yet another story.